DVD player wont read american (or western) DVDs! HELP!

By Totylee ยท 7 replies
Jul 8, 2005
  1. I tried changing the zone thing and I changed it to the US setting, still wont work. Its only playing ****ty bootlegs or some different quality dvds, but not originals...Its not even a brand, its generic, It was in my PC when I bought it, and didnt used it until way too late...
    the SOB played a foreing DVD and I never thought about it, MotherF...ker!!
    I dont know why...It hasnt been 5 times yet either.
    HELP! How can I tell what brand is it?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Go to www.lavalys.com and get the free Everest Home.
    It'll tell you what components you have.

    And watch your language, please!
  3. Totylee

    Totylee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you so much. That program was awesome....

    ok, here's the deal, I have 1 CDRW, LITE, that s something I know, and its detecting it fine.
    however its detecting 2 dvds drives...(my pc automatically detects them even after I uninstall them both in wizard detector thing)

    a)ATAPI DVD ROM 16x. SPEED 16X, MANUFACTER AFREE(?) and NO manufacturer information.

    b)AXV CD/ DVD-ROM SCSI CDROM DEVICE. SPEED: VIRTUAL (!?!?). This one also says device manufacturer:
    Company name Alcohol software and the product information website.

    I dont know which one is which, but the one detecting disks is the drive "E" which acts only like a CDrom. The "D" drive icon in "my Computer" appears saying DVD, but wont read anything. any clues?

    Thanks...sorry about my language, I was pretty drunk last night~! :angel:
    This website is awesome! I gotta use this often...I have so many problems in my PC....!

    Hope I was clear enough!
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    The real DVD is the a) Afreey

    the b) drive is a virtual drive, installed by Alcohol.You can uninstall it from within Alcohol.
    It's only used when copying CDs or DVDs.

    There are plenty of freeware DVD Region setters around, check Google.
  5. Totylee

    Totylee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    again, thanks bro
    I dont know how DVD settlers thing work...Is it like a driver or something?"DVD settler region" should work?
    Right now its working, but like a CD not DVD rom.

    sorry if I sound dumb, I really dont know much about drives and driver...
    would u link me up one page?
  6. Totylee

    Totylee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey, I found a cool program called DVDIDLE, and for some reason it was detecting the dvd rom but it was also detecting my CDrom, (lite) WTh......
    Anyways, It automatically detected the E: drive by default, I tryed to play, and KABOOM, nothing...same thing...
    is it because Im trying Windows media Player? I tried with powerdvd, but same results...

    is it posible that this DVD has no solution just cause its crappy? now its not even reading the east region dvds anymore either.!
  7. Totylee

    Totylee TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Power DVD free trial made it work! I dont know what was wrong with it, but I guess that little program dvdiddle thing worked out.
    However its working kinda choppy..not a huge deal, but pretty annoying...is it because of POWERDVD? I lowered resolution and colour, but still not doing it.

    My Pc is pretty fast...3.0 ghz, 1gb ram, 9800 pro 128mb, and all fans on...
    I cant see why.
    I posted a new thread since this might not be ur area, but if it is, awesome, and dude, thanks a lot. Its been 2 years I had this piece of S..T and now its finally worth something!

    have a good one
  8. RealBlackStuff

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