Drivers DVD playing Movies but no sound

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I have installed a pioneer DVR-109 burner using an 80 wire ribon cable to the secondary IDE slot and made it master
I have updated the firmware on the drive and checked all the standard sound settings
i am running Windows XP with sp2 and a DFI mainboard

any help would be apreciated


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You usually have to use the audio cable that should have come with the drive. Its a grey wire with black connectors at the end. It goes from the drive to the soundcard or audio header on the motherboard.
analog audio cable is NO MORE NEEDED. it was used before winxp for listening to cdaudios. now winxp activates by default DIGITAL AUDIO DATA on IDE cable on every cd/dvd drive. ;)
SPDIF cable is NOT NEEDED to listen to AC3 soundtracks on dvd movies. :slurp:
simply install Ac3Filters and reboot your pc and everything will work! (I hope! :haha: )
here is a working link where you can download the latest release:
bye bye :angel:
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