DVD Problem - wont play css encripted disks.

By Electric Ian
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Greetings,
    So here is my problem. I have a Lite on DVDRW LDW-851s. It will not play back store bought DVD's. When I try Windows Media Player 10 I get the following "Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a problem occurred with digital copyright protection." When I try InterActual Player I get "A CSS error occurred while trying to play the DVD. Please try restarting your computer to fix the problem. If you continue to receive this error, please try reinstalling your DVD navigator, or contact your DVD navigator manufacturer." And when I try Power DVD it just shuts down. The wierd thing is if I try a backup copy of a DVD it plays just fine. Anyone else ever seen anything like this? Thanks, Ian
  2. buzz234

    buzz234 TS Rookie

    Have you set your region to the correct area? Or has it like other drives changed region after so many changes back to default or stayed on a selected one.

    Try removing your drive from the system (control panel, device manager), power down, power up (windows detects nothing as no drive), power down (inc removed plug) re-install drive, power up

    Try to reinstall media player, this will be holding hands with a lot of the other programs related to DVD codecs.

    If your trying to rip a bought DVD, try DVD Shrink - very good product.

  3. Electric Ian

    Electric Ian TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, So here is where I am at. I un-installed DVD X Copy Platinum, then did a system restore to a week ago (before I originally installed it). Then I installed Inter Actual, and Power DVD. Now I can play store bought DVD's. The next thing I did was re-install DVD X Copy. Now I can no longer play store bought DVD's (with CSS Incription). Here is my theory, DVD X Copy writes over the DVD codec with its own inferior one, and I do not know how to replace it. Anyone have any comments??
    Thanks, Ian
  4. tempore4y

    tempore4y Banned

    I found this thread via Google Search so although this is old it may be useful to other people with this problem. Hopefully Ian here figured it out by now or will see this thread again. Anyway, the solution is to simply install WinDVD or PowerDVD, and you will be able to play the DVDs with Interactual. Strange but true. Apparently Interactual doesn't come with the right software to actually play protected DVDs, and when you install PowerDVD it installs the DVD-reading software that any DVD program can use. So, very odd, but very easy solution to this problem.
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