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Aug 3, 2003
  1. kan someone explain the differents between dvd+,-,ram
  2. JSR

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    it's not ram........it's a recorder....or, dvd recordable medium
  3. LNCPapa

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    Hehe - JSR, I believe Dantrag is asking for the differences between the three formats - I own all three.

    +R/RW has a higher compatibility rate on set top boxes than -
    You will find that a +R/RW usually won't play on any drive that can read/write a -RW except set top boxes.
    -R/RW has a lower compatibility rate on set top boxes and the discs usually won't read in anything that can read/write in +R/RW drives.
    The biggest exception to this is a DVD +/- R/RW drive - those that can burn both, of course, can read both. I think this is the way to go. (I don't have one of these, but my next drive will be)
    My DVD-RAM drive uses this funky cartridge thing - not sure if they are all that way or if mine is just that old. Also, the media is pretty expensive for these suckers.
    The media prices for +/- R/RW fluctuate constantly: sometimes + is more expensive and sometimes - is, but at least they are both constantly falling. Hope that helps.

  4. JSR

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    thx, bro

    see what happens?............hey, i get to learn somethin'.........hehe ;)
    off the subject, papa........do you have a hunchback?............couldn't resist :D
  5. olefarte

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    Papa, my DVD-Ram is not in a cartridge, it's just like a regular disc, except, in addition to being smooth and shiny, it also has spiral lines running from the center out. Kind of strange looking after seeing so many regular ones. Also, it feels like it's a little thicker than a regular one.
  6. LNCPapa

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    LOL! No I don't JSR
    I know what you are getting at though
  7. JSR

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    you look like tiger woods :grinthumb
    hehe......good thing........"rudy" ......was next;)
  8. LNCPapa

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    Well guys - scratch all that stuff I said earlier about incompatibilities - I have since been able to read DVD-R discs in my DVD+RW drive and DVD+R discs in my DVD-RW drives... must've been the media I was using or something that was preventing me from being able to do so before. :)
  9. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    Most DVD-RAM Discs come in cartridges, that is how they are able to have reuse cycles of 100,000 times, as the cartridge helps prevent damage caused by dust, and indeed the dvd writers spindle.

    I have just bought a new DVD writer (LG) and it is capable of doing all 5 formats -R/-RW/+R/+RW/RAM (Cartridge-less type only).

    The only problem seems to be media support, certain brands blatantly don't work, while others work but not at the rated speed.

    If only LG would bring out a new firmware once in a while :(
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