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DVD-RAM/-R/CDRW Recorder: reading CD-R problem.

By neowing
Jun 12, 2005
  1. Hi ? Everyone.
    I do not know this is the right place to post my problem.
    If I made mistake, sorry.

    I have CD-R that contained very important program for my career.
    It is present from my brother.
    When I install this CD-R first time, it succesfully installed in my hard drive.
    But I have to reinstall every component so, I deleted everything and
    Reinstalled my Windows.

    However, when I reinstall CD-R, I mean I copy file to my hard drive,

    "Cannot copy zzz(2000,XP);
    Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)"

    I can't copy the file that I want.

    Somebody help me to copy the file.
    I tried "CD/DVD Scratch repair kit from fellowes"
    But it can't fix the problem.
    But other files didn't broken.

    *zzz(2000,XP) is file name.


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