Dvd reading problems... help needed please

By markyj187
Nov 2, 2006
  1. hi im mark,

    i have a lil problem see my boy shot this video on his old as cam corder and wants it on the pc. now it doesnt have any compatible hook ups for the computer.

    so i tried putting it in the tape thing and putting it into my vcr and dubbing it to a dvd-r disk. the burn was succesful it plays in dvd players. but i cant get the damn thing to play on his computer. my computer reads a blank disk. his computer (way newer then mine) trys to read the disk but gets all confused and freezes up until i eject the disk from the disk drive.

    he has a stock hp pavilion a600n witht he dvd cd writer rom combo. no upgrades exept for video card. wich is a geforce fx 5500.

    ive read online about a video capture card wonder if that may apply to this application.

    wouldnt be a big deal if his damn cam corder was newer lmao. but its ancient any help would be greatly appreciate.

    need video footage for our truck club website.

    thanks for the time.

    if any more information is needed. ill answer any and al question asked. thank u kindly


    aim - bbqmark
  2. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    Hello Mark! and welcome to tech spot forums!

    I believe is just a compatibility issue. First, where did you burn this DVD? at a home dvd recorder? I have a Sony DVD-Recorder and I don't know how the hell burn the DVD's but I can't play it anywhere but on the sony dvd player itself. Could be the format of the recording of maybe the type of media.

    If you are gonna be doing this often and you need the video files on your PC, I suggest you get the video capture card, some are very cheap and does the job pretty good. I have an All in Wonder ATI 9600XT and I been using it for more than 2 years now. For my needs (about capuring video) this is a perfect video card. There are newer models of this card and last time I check was about $99. I hope this help you. GL!
  3. markyj187

    markyj187 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    yea i burned it on my home dvd recorder thru my vcr. i have the dvd vcr combo that i can take directly form vhs to dvd just. i know theres two different formats for that aswell ones -r the others + r but it says its suppose to be able to be read on computers.

    next question is what the hells the difference between a video capture card and a video card.
  4. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    The video Card (aka graphics card) is intented for the normal display you have on your screen, a high end video card is able to let you play videogames on you PC, a video capture card is a card that has video input to let you record video on your PC via software. There are some cards that have both functions (like the one I told you I use) video card and capture card besides some other functions like TV, fm radio and more.
    Besides the format +R / -R (the -R are the right ones to avoid compatibility issues) there are some issues with the brands of the media, that's why I stopped using nexxtech, GQ, memorex and some other because some DVD players read them and some not, have you tried your DVD on a diff dvd player?
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