DVD rom disappears !

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I run Win2k Sp4, Nero ver6.3+ ,the Dvd is a Mitsubushi (doesn't use DMA in Dev Mangr)as Slave on secoundary IDE channel ,Plextor PX708a as Master.
The DVD drive intermittently disappears from explorer and is not listed in the bios when I reboot, this did start after upgrading to the Plextor(which has the latest firmware and uses DMA in DevMngr)
Bios is Latest ver
The drive works fine when it is seen.
I tried new Cables ,Power connectors ,Mastr/Slave setting checked

Do you think it just dying or is it an issue I have not thought of.


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Could your DVD have selected a drive-letter that is taken already by another drive on your home-network? It would then only happen when that other PC (with that drive-letter) is already switched on, when you start your PC.

You could always change the DVD-drive-letter to one that is guaranteed not in use elsewhere.


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Make sure the power and ribbon cables are correctly and firmly connected to the drive. If it isn't getting a good connection and is intermittently losing connection, it can behave the way you described.


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Yes, I have fixed a computer that had a pin that was halfway bent, and it was making a conneciton every once in a while, and not other times. Same way for monitors. Give the back of the drive a look and make sure that all the pins are standing upright and in place.


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I would also read the install manuals that came with both drives. Some drives don't work well as slaves and some don't work well as master. The manual will usually tell you which is preferred. If they both prefer not being a master with a slave, you may be able to juggle your hard drives to accomodate them.
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