dvd rom drive or dvd disc or windows media problem

By link590o
Aug 17, 2007
  1. I don't understand this. My dvd rom drive works fine with any other disc. But when I put in Cowboy Bebop it has a problem.

    Occasionally it cannot read the disc at all and nothing shows up in the drive under my computer.

    Sometimes it CAN read it, but no info shows up in place of the dvd drive logo.

    When it does read it, I try to play it in windows media player 11, and it comes back and tells me it can't play the dvd because I need to adjust my display settings to a lower resolution and color quality setting. And I've tried doing that but it doesn't do crap in terms of playing the disc.

    Where is the problem exactly? The disc? The Drive? Windows Media? All three? Any way for me to solve this?
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