DvD-ROM making clicking noises??

By Pheryllt
Mar 23, 2006
  1. I bought a new game (Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion) and I put it in my comuter but all it does is constantly click. All of the other CDs and DVDs I have work fine exept this one, but the weird thing is that the DVD works in other computers but not this one. I am runing a 16x DVD-ROM. If anyone has a clue to what my problem is I could really use the help.
  2. Akimov

    Akimov TS Rookie


    I've just bought the same game and it made exactly the same clicking noises. I left it in my DVD drive for about 10 minutes (all the time making the clicking noises) and then it suddently started working and is installing right now.

    I'll let you know if the games works properley.
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