DVD-ROM problem

By LxTrix
Jul 25, 2007
  1. I have a Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616. It was originally in an emachines computer. It burnt out so i rebuilt a new computer. The only parts i took from the emachine was the cdrw drive and the dvd-rom drive. The cdrw drive works fine. The dvd-rom drive doesn't though. Whenever i try to put any type of disc dvd or cd it hangs. I can hear it attempting to work, but nothing happens. I even try to open up "My Computer" and access it that way but it jsut freezes up untill i remove the disk. I have PowerDVD and it also hangs whenever a disc is inserted. I know windows has drivers it uses automatically i even tried removing it and having windows redetect it. I checked samsung's website for an offical driver but they didn't have an exact one for it. They had a SD-616E but that was a different dvd-rom drive. The drive worked fine when i had it in my emachines and i rarely even used it. I bought it back in 2002 and in 2006 i had to replace my cdrw drive. So i may just have to replace it but if there is another option or something i've missed let me know thanks. Attached is a DxDiag log. I don't know if that'll help but maybe.
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    I have the exact same problem if I burn a DVD at home and try to play it in my work computer. I still haven't figured out that problem yet, but it sounds very similar to your problem.
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    Really then i hope for both of us a solution is possible.
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    DVD drives are amazingly fragile. They use sometimes two, sometimes three lasers... and it doesn't take much to get them out of alignment.

    You might want to remove the drive and take the bottom cover off to see if the round or flat rubber belt has slipped off its wheel.

    There is also a fix online I will have to look up.

    But the easiest and smartest thing to do is replace it with an LG or LiteOn optical drive from Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, or one of the good onoine stores. Avoid the Sony, HP, HLDS, and LaCie, but the Pioneer, Philips, Yamaha, and Memorex are all pretty good for their relative prices.
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