Dvd Rom will not power up with ide plugged

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Feb 21, 2008
  1. I just bought a new barbone kit and as a first time comp builder,

    Intel D945GCPE Socket 775 Barebone Kit - Ultra Micro Fly BX6 Black Aluminum MicroATX Case, Clear Sides, 600 Watt XVS Power Supply

    Mother Board Features
    Features include dual-channel DDR2 667/533 MHz SDRAM, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel® GMA 950), integrated 10/100 Network Connection, Intel® High Definition Audio (4 channel audio) and up to eight USB 2.0 ports.

    - Chipset: Intel 945GC Express
    - Front Side Bus: 533/800/1066MHz
    - Processor Interface: Socket 775

    I tried putting this together. I have a 6 pin male plug from the power source and the larger plug that I placed into the motherboard. The motherboard only has a 4 pin right next to the processor. I did not plugg that in. I proceeded to plug in my sata hard drive and put in my processor and fan. I than connect my usb, audio and firewire plugs. I plugg in the power to power source and to the dvd burner. I plug in the led, power, reset and all that. The problem lies with the dvd drive. I plug in the ide and there is no power. I unplug the ide leaving the power and the light comes on and it ejects just fine. Plug back and now no power to drive. Please help I dont know if the 6 pin power source not plugged to the 4 pin motherboard could be the problem or what. What can I do?
  2. raybay

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    Is your DVD drive a SATA drive? It appears as if you are trying to install an ATAPI, IDE, or EIDE optical drive... An EIDE or ATAPI drive uses an EIDE flat cable, and a four hole socket from the power supply...
    Also, how do you have it jumpered...
  3. liptudakriso

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    Thank you for the prompt response

    Dvd drive is not sata, my hard drive is though. I have the eide flat cord with the blue side plugged to board and the primary which is the other end of the cable is plugged to dvd drive. I have changed settings on dvd drive from master to cable select as well and nothing works. The power source I got with the kit only has a six hole and the board has four. I left the six pin unplugged, and the larger twelve plugged. Jumpered? Please explain.
  4. Matthew

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    If you're talking about the P4 connecter you can get an adapter.
  5. mailpup

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    If I understand correctly, here is my take. You will need to plug in the 4 pin connector on the motherboard for the processor to get enough power to run. I think the processor's lack of sufficient power is causing the optical drive not to work. But regardless if I am right or wrong about the cause of the optical drive not working, you still need to connect the 12V 2x2 socket to a power source.

    It is a rare power supply that doesn't have the 2x2 12V connector, especially if it came with the bare bones kit. Take a closer look at the 6 pin connector from the power supply and see if it is the type that comes apart so you can remove two of the six pins to get your 4 pin connector. If not, you'll have to find an adapter to power to the 4 pin connector on the motherboard.

    Edit: Zenosincks posted while I as still writing my post. That is the adapter I was talking about.
  6. CCT

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  7. liptudakriso

    liptudakriso TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am soo dumb the pin breaks off and I plugged the four into the board and wala everything works. Thanks very much!
  8. raybay

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    Thanks for the update.
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