DVD won't read anymore

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Jun 15, 2005
  1. Hiya,
    Well its only taken me 3days to work out how to get this up so I can say whats going on...lol. I have a MSI Atapi DVD RW8xmax, I was using it just fine have burnt loads of dvd's on it, then all of a sudden it won't see that there is a dvd in the J drive, its saying theres nothing in there all the time. It reads audio cd's and cd roms and cd's just fine, but it won't see DVD's anymore. I went through other peoples DVD probs on this site and I bought a cleaner to see if that was the problem the lens being dirty, but to no avail! its still not working or reading. I wonder if I have accidently changed some of the software... does anyone have any ideas what is wrong with my DVD burner? would appreciate it if anyone has any advice or info for me.
    P.S this is a very cool site.
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    You could try uninstalling the dvd burner from device manager, then rebooting your system, and letting Windows redetect it.

    If that doesn`t work, then maybe a new dvd burner is in order. How old is it?

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  3. kol_indian

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    Hello and welcome to techspot :wave: :wave:

    trying giving howard suggestion a go also try using NERO infotool and checking the drive :grinthumb
  4. Craigg

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    Umm..... Are V of Windows are you using mate? 9x, me, 2000, xp? I can help you more if I have that info, Cheers mate
  5. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks you guys

    Thanks for the feed back... I am currently using windows 2000 professional! I haven't thought to do the device manager thingy, I am abit of a computer dork, and I am not a 100% on what I am meant to be doing to do that... if you could help me out with the steps I will follow them. Appreciate your feed back! :bounce:
  6. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oopsy and..

    Its also I think about a year or so old Howard, my ex husband won't fix it for me which is just a wee treat... so I am trying to do it myself, just so I don't look totally stupid!!! :angel:
  7. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the welcome!! its a cool site just getting a grip on how to use it correctly!!
  8. howard_hopkinso

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    Right click my computer, and select properties, then the hardware tab, then device manager.

    click on the little +sign next to Dvd/Cd-rom players, and right click on your dvd device that appears, and select uninstall. A box will appear warning you that you are about to uninstall the device from your system, click ok.

    When you are finished, reboot your computer. Windows will redetect the device, and load the appropriate drivers.

    Hopefully this will have solved your problem. If not, It may well be you need a new dvd burner.

    Regards Howard :grinthumb
  9. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Didn't work :(

    Hi Howard,
    Thank you so much for going thru that for me on how to do that. I followed your instructions and rebooted afterwards, it did the necessary things it said found new hardware, being the dvd drive, but I just tried to put a disk in and it still says theres NO DISC in J drive...

    urghhhhhhhhhh it drives you nuts doesn't it!! think its the laser gone then? which seems odd since it isn't very old and I probably have only used the DVD part of it, well less than 50x so that is not a good life span! Can you buy external dvd drives to use? do you know and just leave this one in there and use the cd burning coz that still works? Howard you rock!

    Thanks :D
  10. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also Howard

    Coz your a techspot guru coz I can tell, could you explain to me how you put up a new post, I must have spent 3 days trying to work out how to start a new thread and I thought before I must refresh my memory... but again I am lost I have no idea how I did it.. can you let me know how I do this, not that I have anymore questions, but just coz I wonder how this site works coz I like it!
  11. howard_hopkinso

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    Just before you consider buying a new dvd drive. It might be worth going to you dvd manufacturers website, and checking for any firmware updates.

    Another thing you could try is using a cd lense cleaner in you drive.

    Personally I doubt whether the above will do any good, but I guess it`s worth a try.

    I think that the reason your dvd burner is ok with cd`s but not with dvd`s, is because the laser uses a different frequency to read dvd`s. Therefore, it is my opinion that your dvd burner`s laser has become defective. This does happen all to frequently I`m afraid.

    Yes you can buy external dvd burners, but I think you`d be better off just getting a new internal burner(if the above doesn`t work). They are not difficult to fit, and will be a lot cheaper than an external one.

    Also external usb dvd drives can be problamatic sometimes.

    You can start a new post by, clicking on the forums button at the top of any page, and selecting which forum you want. Now at the top of the selected forum, click on the new thread button.

    Regards Howard :grinthumb
  12. zegel

    zegel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Howard

    Yeah I had read from another person having problems that they should get a cleaner, I got a disk with 6 brushes even Howard and to no avail... I did also see someone saying about firmware if you know of any sites that is good to look at that would be great otherwise I will get trusty old google out and have a wee looksie with that. Thank you for your help its marvellous. Hope your having a lovely weekend!!
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