DVI-I or DVI-D what monitors and cards have what?

By videobruce
Apr 13, 2004
  1. After owning a Plannar PL190M LCD monitor for 2 months and having problems with the DVI signal getting reconized all the time and talking to Planar a few times, I called Plannar again and out of the blue I was told this monitor needs a DVI-D signal!
    This was one of the two guys I talked to before and nothing was said about this.

    Now, after looking at the specs of the monitor in the manual which doesn't say it even has a DVI connection and looking on the site that mentions "Digital DVI" which after hearing this I assume means DVI-D and buying another video card with the thought there was a problem with the old card I have a setup that doesn't work properly because of the lack of information and compatability.

    I did as quick look around through the ATI, PowerColor and Sapphire sites and some don't mention what connector they use, or it isn't clear. Plannar surely didn't say it was required.

    The equipment involved are:

    How many others have or had this problem? Or even aware of this?
    How much a issue on other monitors is this?

    I spent a couple of months researching LCD displays and all the forums I visited, nothing was brought up there is a problem here.
  2. Hitman`

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    Check your drivers, there is an option in the CATALYST driver suite that allow you to increase/decrease the dvi operational mode frequency. Try this before doing anything extreme.
  3. Nodsu

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    Don't sweat about DVI-D and DVI-I. If your cable fits the plugs then it works.

    DVI-I means both digital and analog signals, DVI-D is digital only.

    Your video card most likely has a DVI-I connector but you can use DVI-D cables in those with no problems whatsoever.
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