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Jan 7, 2005
  1. ok so I just got myself a dvi cable for my new lcd. Everything works just fine, except that my monitor says Out of Range and has H79.9KHz V75.0Hz(those are its upper limits). Why is it that I get no image until my os loads up? I guess I should be happy that dvi works just fine once i'm up and running but the blankness bothers me(perfectionist) and makes booting up seem longer then it really is. I do not have anything hooked up to the vga port, yet it seems at boot time thats what it wants to use since if i plug it back in, i get an image. Any way to change this? Bios is uptodate(MB and videocard). its an MSI GeForce FX5200. I tried looking around and everyone else has it the otherway around, image at bootup but nothing once os loads. hehe

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Welcome to TechSpot

    Which resolution is out of range?

    Text-mode, 80x25, as 720x400, or Windows' second boot screen at 640x480?

    Or does your mainboard display BIOS in 640x480 mode too?

    One way to fix this could be editing the graphics card BIOS, its screen resolution & refresh rate table. There are some GeForceFX BIOS editors out there.
  3. Neruocomp

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    it doesnt show anything until the blue screen with welcome shows up, since by then the drivers are loaded. I was thinking about the bios too since with DVI it should autodetect what modes should work. But before I go edited the bios I'll be able to back it up and if need be, put that one back in?
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    Possibly. Better to create a boot floppy (or CD / whatever) which would automatically restore the old bios in case something goes wrong and you can't see a thing.
  5. SCOSWriter

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    Were you able to figure out what was wrong. I have had the same problem but did not care until now. Currently I have a dual boot system and selecting my OS can be aggravating when you can't get a display until the logon screen shows up. I never had this problem using the RGB cable for both my old CRT or with the LCD. The problem is only with DVI.

    I thought that if I got a DVI-I cable, which my 9800 Pro can take could fix the problem, but subsequent post from other sites say the this card outputs DVI from boot till shutdown and that there is not analog to digital switch.

    Then someone said something about an unset mobo setting. Could not find one that would affect my video output. (Asus A7NX Deluxe V2 I'm sure since my Barton works)

    Any Ideas how did you fix your problem.
  6. shadow_29

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    i think someone else had a problem like this in another forum on the audio and video page about dvi display.his probleem seemed to be sorted by a new dvi cable.dvi-i or dvi-d i dont remeber.but would suggest a dvi-d cable.read around the forum.
  7. SCOSWriter

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    Hmm that other post was probably me. In that post I asked about whether the cable would make a difference. In this case I have a DVI-D. I wanted to know if a DVI-I would help (Digital and analog cable.)
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