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DVI output problem ... seems standard !

By Silmara · 26 replies
Oct 29, 2004
  1. I have an MSI 9800 pro with D-SUB and DVI-D ports. I have connected both ports to my NEC LCD1935NXM monitor. I am using the latest catalyst drivers from ATI and did not succeed in driving the LCD using the DVI port. This seems to be a common problem among LCD owners.

    When XP is loading, I have an image until the windows logon. So I assume that an analog connection is required if windows is not running (such as when changing BIOS settings). Is that correct? If that is so, an LCD monitor can’t be used only with a stand-alone DVI connector. When I pull the DVI cable, the image comes back. And vice-versa goes blank when I reconnected the DVI cable. So the LCD monitor is detecting a DVI signal and is switching automatically to process the signal from the DVI port. So I figure that no image is generated by my video card on the DVI port.

    With a normal boot, there is no way I could get the catalyst drivers to detect the LCD through the DVI port (I get a cross on the FPD connector on the displays page of the ATI control panel). Anyways, when I plug the DVI cable, the LCD goes blank and I can’t see a thing! This made no sense … So I booted in VGA mode (using F8 during boot) with both connectors plugged in and I did not loose the image. I normally installed the digital drivers for the LCD and set the PFD as primary display and the monitor as secondary (by the way, it will not work if the TV out is enabled, so it has to be turned off). The primary display is using the analog driver and the PFD the digital driver.

    I rebooted normally and I thought it was working. I thought. When I pulled the D-SUB cable, I lost the image! So the image I was getting was not from the primary display (small target symbol on the ATI panel) but from the secondary (double rectangle symbol).

    So what is wrong there? I have read around the internet and I am seeing that others have the same problem. But no one has an answer.

    Any idea ?


  2. Godataloss

    Godataloss TS Rookie Posts: 482

    The resolution may be set out of the scan range of your LCD. My monitor gives an error message in such cases, but I don't know if all do.

    Check and make sure your settings are at the native resolution of the LCD.
  3. silmara69

    silmara69 TS Rookie

    Thanks Godataloss ... but this is not the problem. The resolution is at the native resolution (primary and secondary displays are set equally to 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz).
  4. The Best Alias

    The Best Alias TS Rookie Posts: 113

    I'm having a sorta similar prob. Same exact monitor, hmmm............
  5. samurai

    samurai TS Rookie

    And get a hold of this ... if I set the resolution to 1024x768, the DVI input works but flickers. If I set it to 800x600, I get a normal image.

    The Best Alias

    What video card are u using ? And what drivers ?

    Thanks !


    By the way, my apologies to the administrators of this site but I really could not login with my previous user names. It simply does not work. The mail automated reminder also did not work.
  6. The Best Alias

    The Best Alias TS Rookie Posts: 113

    It's an ATI Radeon 9600, and I'm using the most recent Catalyst drivers that I downloaded from ATI last week. I gave up and decided to just use the regular video cable, rather than get completely frustrated. I get no signal at all from the DVI output. Monitor says "check video cable" not "no signal". I did replace the cable. I'm afraid these monitors may be iffy. Frys :rolleyes:
  7. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Are you sure it's monitor's fault? Have you tested it with other cards (other than Radeons)? I get digital image right when I turn the computer on when I use my Savage4 card.

    As far as I remember, ATI drivers have (or had) an option somewhere to click a button / checkbox if digital connection has problems.
  8. samurai

    samurai TS Rookie


    I did not test it with other cards (I don't have any at hands, cards with DVI outs are fairly new). I have tried both "Alternate DVI mode" and "Reduce DVI frequency on high resolution panels" from ATI's control panel and it did not work (I rebooted after each change just to be sure).

    Do you have the exact same monitor model ? So you can see the BIOS posting when you boot your PC with the DVI connection only ?

    Thanks for your help,

  9. The Best Alias

    The Best Alias TS Rookie Posts: 113

    I have a NEC MultiSync LCD1935NXM. I cannot see anything with the DVI connected. Zero, zilch, nada enchalada. I have been contemplating a better video card though this one is a far cry better than the poor old Matrox I was using for the past 3 years.
  10. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    No, I have ViewSonic VP201s.

    Yes. Anyhow, I think that kind of behaviour isn't monitor related, although I'm not 100% sure. But if it was, would it work in Windows, in fullscreen 80x25 textmode?
  11. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    I thought i would leave you this page ,because it mentions your issues ,but I did not read you trying a couple troubleshooting tips mentioned in it.
    Also ,a couple of guys mentioned testing the monitor on a different card, It may be a bit of a challenge for you ,but it would be worth it .
    Your problem sounds sometimey and I have found that is more reflective of a Hardware failure rather than Software.
  12. samurai

    samurai TS Rookie


    I would not be so sure ... Check this thread dedicated for those who have the same problem:


    For the ATI Support:

    . Issue with the panel's connection to the graphics card

    No. DVI signal is OK at 800x600.

    . Incorrect monitor type selected in Windows

    No. Using analog and digital drivers for my monitor.

    . Refresh rate is too high/incorrect

    No. Set at 60 Hz.

    . Selected display resolution exceeds panel's capabilities

    No. Strangely only works at 800x600 and 1024x768 flickering. It works really randomly at 1280x1024 but with lots of red pixelation and flashing on and off.

    . Unsupported graphics card configuration

    I have almost the latest ... a 9800 pro. So I would be suprise that LCD is not supported. But everything is possible with ATI.

    . Issue with the system BIOS or its configuration

    Ensure that you have the latest system BIOS for your motherboard.


    Toggle the PnP aware OS option in your system BIOS from yes to no.

    Done. No change.

    . Conflict with USB support from motherboard

    Disable all USB support in the CMOS SETUP and retest.

    Done. No change.

    Disable LEGACY USB support in the BIOS and retest.

    Done. No change.
  13. samurai

    samurai TS Rookie

    I am starting to think that this is a BIOS issue from the video card itself or the motherboard (since it does not even boot with the DVI signal like the other cards do).

    I will keep posting my results.

    Thanks again all for your help. I won't give up. If I do, I will return this monitor and buy something else.

  14. samurai

    samurai TS Rookie

    I could not believe it, but I change the cable and it resolved the problem (from DVI-D to also DVI-D, so it was not a cable type issue) !

    I must say that NEC tech support was A1 !

  15. Godataloss

    Godataloss TS Rookie Posts: 482

    This should be a lesson to us all!
    Though not everybody has 2 dvi cables laying around.
  16. n3tw0rk t3ch

    n3tw0rk t3ch TS Rookie

    another setting to check

    having had this issue on a dell with ATI 9800 pro and a dell digatal flat panel, i was able to select via the monitor itself to use DVI(digital input) and this worked well. i cannot say this will be a fix for anyone haing this same problem but it is worth a look see :cool:
  17. samurai

    samurai TS Rookie

    By the way, why won't the TV display videos (played via BS Player, Media Player or other) if the TV is selected as a duplicate of the primary display ? I can see the whole image of my desktop on my TV screen except the window that is playing a movie.

    If the TV is selected as the original and the LCD monitor as the duplicate, then I have a video image on TV and none on the LCD screen.


    p.s. I think that 19'' is not in the comfort zone for LCDs because of their fix resolution @ 1280x1024. Even if I increased the windows fonts, there is still some text while browsing or in other applications that remains relatively small. I get tire pretty quick reading on the net ...
  18. SCOSWriter

    SCOSWriter TS Rookie

    Is there a solution?

    I no this thread is old but,

    I have a very similar problem. I was curious if the problem is my cable as well. I am using a DVI-D cable and perhaps my 9800 Pro only outputs analog during post and boot, and does a switch to digital at loggin. So maybe if I use a DVI-I cable (both digital and analog) since my card DVI output is a DVI-I connector. Any comments
  19. samurai

    samurai TS Rookie

    There is something wrong in your case since the 9800 pro outputs digital from boot 'til shutdown.

    1. The switch to digital at loggin indicates that the Windows drivers are working normally. But before loggin, I suspect a BIOS issue with your motherboard. So visit the site of your motherboard manufacturer and see if you can find anything. Or simply just flash your motherboard's BIOS with the latest.

    2. There is an option to be set in your BIOS that is not.

    Good luck !


    By the way, be careful about what you pay for these cables. The popular electronic stores have the tendency to rip you off on such articles (e.g. 70$ CAN for a DVI cable at Futurshop when I bought mine from an e-bay local store at 15$).
  20. SCOSWriter

    SCOSWriter TS Rookie

    Finally I seem to be getting somewhere. So you believe, there could be a bios setting not set. I don't recall anything about my mobo that could affect video output. With the ASUS A7X.. blah Deluxe , I can change just about anything, but I don't recall anything related to video. I'll have another look, till then...

    Do you know why this would only affect DVI output, since analog, whether using my old CRT or LCD is fine. I always thought that my video card was just told what to output by the motherboard. The video card was responsible for sending it to monitor correctly.
  21. Thunf

    Thunf TS Rookie

    I might know in what area the DVI problem is. Isn't it about heat isn't it?

    I have a ViewSonic VX715, VGA cable - perfect. But I get nothing with DVI.

    After I wait about 15 minutes with only DVI connected I begin to see a picture appearing and disappearing all the time. I'm 100% sure it has nothing to do with drivers, as when I tested this I was in BIOS bootscreen mode. First I got no signal and the monitor was in standby. First nothing, then a flashing picture, and after an hour I guess the monitor is getting warmer, and the picture is crystal clear - but the screen might flicker every now and then, once every five minutes it flickers. Very frustrating when you concentrate on something. And I'm so frustrated, this is my 3:rd Viewsonic monitor - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe this is the way you should use you monitor. Wait an hour before using it, it needs to heat up! :hotbounce
    When DVI works picture is perfect, but it's only working as it should with VGA cable - HELP!!!
  22. SCOSWriter

    SCOSWriter TS Rookie

    Funny I never noticed a picture. Never stared at it long enough, though I find this unlikly to work.

    My PC stays on just about all the time, primarily in Windows. I'm sure that at least once I was playing a game for hours and then switched to Linux, or rebooted the machine. Bear in mind that once the loggon screen is there I could care less what is happening in post or boot since everything is working. But now I have a dual boot system, I have to select an OS blindly. Additionally, I still have to diagnose some hardware issues where I need boot info and the ability to see the screen in run level 3.

    Currently I am using my CRT to help me, but honestly I don't want this situation to be permanant. Hell, my card is dual out so I can even a display on both the CRT and LCD. This never worked in Windows, but this luxury is on nice if you have two always working LCD's
  23. Thunf

    Thunf TS Rookie

    Well actually a picture appeared within 15 minutes too, just indicated that something was happening.

    Also, it does not only flicker once in every five minutes but the screen also get black. Flickers happens much more often than five minutes I checked... it seems ok in 1024x768 but not in optimal resolution????? now I'm gonna make a call! :mad:
  24. SCOSWriter

    SCOSWriter TS Rookie

    I recommend anyone READING THIS THREAD to go to this thread.


    It appears this problem is much larger and ATI has barly done squat.

    This thread and many more that are related to this one on this site started over a year ago and continue.
  25. Thunf

    Thunf TS Rookie

    Man, this is a mystery... always new things comes up!

    I worked all day long in front of the computer with my viewsonic vx715 analog input. I was thinking of waiting to use dvi until my next graphic card... however, I tested it to see what happened! Guess what?!!! It WORKED without any flaws at all! Can't believ it, I just decreased the graphic processor speed. Big deal as it's tft it wount use all that speed anyway. And now it's fine! I'm happy! I guess I'm going to write here again tomorrow with a new flaw as the monitor is "cold" or what the *** is going on. I noticed that the whole screen flickered before when I was using vectors in paintshop pro, man is this strange or what? It seems as the screen flickers when something goes too fast for it... I don't know!
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