DVI problem

By vgbaron
Mar 29, 2007
  1. First time poster with a problem -

    Bought a Viewsonic 2230WM to go with my Viewsonix 19" LCD. Installed same.Connected the 19" to analog and the 22" to DVI using dvi-dvi cable Followed the procedure to clean out old drivers, install new drivers. System booted at 1280x1024 - set monitor to native resolution 1680x1050x60hz and click apply - black screen - message "No digital signal" - screen comes back at 1280x1024. Tried several different versions of drivers including tweaked from tweaksrus and WHQL from NVidia. Replaced monitor - same issue. Was able to get to 1680x1050 using the 96.89 drivers but when I reboot the system - MOST of the time it comes up with a black screen - sometimes I can hit a few keys and it will trigger the display.

    It looks great in analog mode but I'd sure like to get the DVI output working.

    Is the problem the video card or the driver or just a mismatch between the two? I have an old Geforce 6800 that I could swap in but not sure what that would tell me.

    Appreciate any insights. Oh - videocard is not o'clocked


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