E machine W2047 Boot Problem

By skyric
Jul 13, 2007
  1. First of all Hi to everyone, I'm new to this site.. hopefully can gain some knowledge from everyone here.. My problem: I have an Emachine 2047.. It has given me no problem - 3yrs now.. till about 6 month ago, it wouldnt boot, I lost or thought I lost everything on the hd.. replaced the hd, reloaded xp and things worked just fine..I have the AM 37L mb with the AMD 2000xp+ CPU. In the last week, again I am not able to boot up.. it does try, seems to stick at the last load : C\system 32\drivers\MUP.sys... Im not sure if im dealing with a ps problem or the mb. I have been able to occasionally boot up in safe, but will reboot in about an hr after boot up.. any suggestions.. other than shoot it and bury it? according to the pc health in bios all temps and voltages are ok
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  3. skyric

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    w2047 e machine

    Gee tedster, I sure hope I get more help from others on this forum than just store and product bashing.. I had one e machine before that was 5 yrs + old that got handed down to my two boys, never had any problems with it.. and this one just recently.. neither were purchased at walmart, thank you..
    I would really like some helpful advice
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