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May 21, 2007
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    Dear Friends,
    I am an ancient Scottish Relic, and, of course an ex chief engineer from the Merchant Navy - Did you know that after fifty years the M o D have decided to grant us a medal in recognition of our services in WW II and all the little wars (They are not little to those who died in them ) that occurred up to 1969?
    At least they have not shamed us with a cheap piece of junk - it is really very nice, and welcome.
    My problem is this - like many other, I suppose, I have several operating sytems working in my steam driven triple expansion personal computer. When I write an e-mail I have requested any available source to take it away.
    However, when I see it going by msn.com I know from bitter experience that it is going nowhere.
    Is there any way I can extract msn.com from my list of five "senders" or, better still, can I decide that every e-mail can/must go by only one sender.
    I have TalkTalk/Firefox/Mozilla/Thunderbird/tiscali and the ubiquitous Microsoft Outlook Explorer all installed in my machine. Are they all compatible with one another. I have had not problems so far apart from the fact that Talk Talk does now seem to like working with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
    A Silver Surfer writing to WHICH MAGAZINE mentioned this whilst all the time I was trying to conquer it.
    Another two questions come to mind so I had better chuck them in.
    I frequently hear on the BBC news that a certain e-mail is anonymous - Hoe on earth can you manage that. The other question is is it possible to send out a general e-mail for all and sundry to read - people selling stuff seem to be able to do it????
    God bless
  2. jobeard

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    ok, walk slowly.

    Email comes in two flavors, the original email client form (like Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird)
    and the webserver type (like gmail, yahoo-mail, and I'm MSN has one too).

    Email has two doors; one for inbound letters(pop) and the other for outbound (called smtp).

    ALL email (ie the letters) are compatible and can be send/read from any system
    to any other system -- which is one reason we all use it :)

    Now, assuming you wish to be the captain on the bridge (ie have control of you system), you need
    1) an ISP to provide the email account
    2) to configure your email client software on your system to access
    the ISP email account.

    Your home work is to find your ISP home page, look up the Support Page,
    and find the Email Configuration information (or maybe just call the Help Desk?)

    here's what we need;
    the pop and smtp port numbers (110 and 25 are the usual defaults)
    the server names for each of them also, eg

    post these back and we can help you configure the email client of your choice.
  3. weelie

    weelie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Many thanks, you sound like someone who contributes to Forumgarden.
    Tiscali and TalkTalk appear to be the most reliable ones on my PC.
    Thanks again.
    God bless.
  4. weelie

    weelie TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Forgive the stupidity of an old man but does the column entitled "VIEW" refer to the amount of people viewing the post at that particular moment.
    In may old copperplate English I would have been referring to it as "VIEWERS"
    But then, the column is very narrow.
    I haven't got accustomed to the ubiqiutous word "CHEERS" yet which seems to apply to everything these days.
    I'm slowing down and everyone else is speeding up.
    No wonder the French are trying to outlaw "les jeans" or "les hotdog".
    God bless.
  5. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    > does the column entitled "VIEW" refer to the amount of people viewing the post at that particular moment.

    VIEWS is the total number of members which have opened the topic,
    not the concurrent viewing count.
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