E6400 temperature

By danielb
Sep 27, 2006
  1. Angolmois

    Angolmois TS Rookie

    That's roughly what I get too on my E6400. When I was using AI Gear, it was even higher (over 50C) because the stupid thing was slowing down the CPU fan. The Intel spec sheet says that the highest temperature for E6400 is 61.4C, but even then it's not going to fry because it will just shut itself down. As long as it stays below 60, I think it's OK.

    Update: After reading your post, I decided to see what would happen if I played around with my case fans. Originally I had only 1 case fan blowing the air out, but then I added a second fan blowing the air in. To my surprise, this dramatically lowered the temperature inside the case. Now the motherboard is reporting 27C (before it was 36~40C) and the CPU is at 41C (before it was 46~50C) when idle. You might also want to read this article from Intel:

  2. danielb

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    My case has no sides or front on lol. I took theheatsink off bought some artic silver and tryed again, but im still gettong exactly the same temperatures. Im gonna buy a thermalright ultra 120 soon so im not bothered at the moment. thanks for the reply.
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