Earth and Beyond Vs. Eve

By CompuGeek247
May 11, 2003
  1. I have played earth and beyond and guess what i did 3/4's of the time. I was lvling my character. And the huge payoff was having weaponry that everyone else had and having to deal with the lag and not being able to do pvp. Now what is the piont of lvling and becoming the strongest if pvp is not allowed and everyone seems to have the same weapons that are the most powerful. Now if you ever played diablo2, you should know that all the weaponry were different and everyone was uniique in some way. But earth and beyond is just too general and childish. Everyone is the same and when you do beome the most powerful there is nothing to do because the power you have cannot be used in any exciting ways. I unsubscribed after about 5 months.
    Now I am waiting for the game eve which imo looks very exciting. And from what i can tell is alot more dangerous. And everyone will be more unique. But i havent played it yet, but im hoping it exceeds my expectations which earth and beyond did for the first month but then you get tired of lvling cause there really is no point to it.
    Anyone else looking forward to that game and about to quit that childish game earth and beyond.
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