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Does such a pgm exist (that doesn't cost the earth) that converts a book with pics, I have written to a disc that can be read like an ebook but on a DVD/Cd player, not a computer? I don't know where to look!!


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do you need it to be in midi or wave?
convert from the existing txt to voice?
then run slide show
diff ways to approch
convert txt first then use a progm like nero or sony to make a slide show
this can be done in flash (better)

Autoplay was developed as a training aid
use this to package the data

As a 78yr old, aren't Midis skirts and waves at the beach?
I am lost already! Just finished writing 4th book, considered
putting on disc instead of print media. Slide show sounds good.
Can this be read on entertainment centre DVD/cd player?
I have Nero 6.

Thanks for the input.This is an 'instruction' book so the reader needs to be able to 'skip' forward or back to view a picture or reread text associated
with it. Maybe I am looking for something that hasn't been developed yet!


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no it is there
sony has a dvd video program called vegas
there are other ways to approach development of this as well
through authoring tools you can control with player remote
piece of cake (small learning curve)
to see how others do this example is lynda.com does tutorials to learn other programs. this example is not for home dvd players
then there is keystone learning they do dvd's for this

a basic computer type of learning can use autoplay software to make any type of slideshow just not dvd format
remember a dvd and dvd video format are not the same thing
a dvd can be a data disc
ryzza007, your mail addy does not connect..no such...Have PDFed it to protect content. Looks like will have to stick with computer read only.
Thanks for the input.Rockinghorseman Melb.
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