Ecs 848p-a7 Motherboard

May 28, 2007
  1. Ecs 848p-a7motherboard With A Pentium 4 Celron 2.6 Processor, With A 1 Gig Of Memory
    I Guess I Need A Little Help From Someone That Might Know A Little More Than Me.
    I Have Recently Formatted My 80 Gig Hd, Which I Had Windows Xp Upgrade On It, I Then Took Out The 80 Gig Hd, And Replaced It With A 200 Gig Hd And The Pc Would Not Post To The Monitor.
    So I Put My 80 Gig Back In And I Get The Same Results.
    It Will Not Boot To Post For The Monitor To Be Veiwable, So I Have Tested Monitors,vidio Cards And They Are Ok, I Have Disconnected All Drives And Cleared Cmos, And Even Pulled The Batterey. And Still No Post , You Don't Even Hear The Beep It Makes Before The Post Shows.
    Can Someone Out There Or In Here "lol" Help Me Please, Its Getting Annoying.
    Thanks Sincerely Mental Strain!!!!!!!
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