ECS P4M800-M PRO game crash FIX

By puffader
Jun 21, 2007
  1. Okay, I saw some threads here about some people saying there games were restarting there computer and I know there is a lot of different solutions, but if you have this Mobo, I found a fix that made mine completley stable. Under the BIOS I think in the overclock area, you can tell it to shut down when it reaches a certain temp(Find out what your MAT is on your CPU) and set that, mine was set to the default and I think that when I ran any program, not just games the Computer wasn't told a specific range and when the temp rose just a little it turned its self off thinking it was to hot. Thats why it would restart right away, because it really wasn't hot at all! Anyway, I hope this helps someone because I know I was going crazy.....
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    just want to send it up a little!!!!!!!
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