eDimensional 3D glasses

By Boogie
Nov 27, 2002
  1. I had already ordered these before I saw the review here.

    They work fine in Display properties setup. 3D is defineatly there.

    I see no difference in 3d games. The screen is darker tho.

    I installed the 3087 drivers and glasses drivers.

    I tried

    Vsync is on at 85hz.

    Am I missing something ?
  2. Finchito

    Finchito TS Rookie

    Radeon cards won't work

    Sorry to tell you but only Geforce cards are compatible at the moment. I think drivers will come for Radeon too, you must be aware that Radeon is not very fast with the right drivers generally.
    So patience or get a different grafix card.
    Good luck
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