Editing game save files (*.bin)

By bphillips79
Sep 25, 2006
  1. Hey folks. I'm trying to edit a save game file from "Boiling Point: Road to Hell." The save files are bin files. I've seen some discussion on using bin files for cd imaging, but I need to edit a data bin. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Vigilante

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    Edit it for what purpose?

    Basically, if the file is not plain text, the only way you can edit anything is using a hex editor. Or decompiling it if it's code. I doubt this is code, so you need a hex editor. And even then, you'll just be looking at encoded garbage with some text here and there.

    In other words, unless somebody has figured out already exactly what bits to change, you are in for countless hours of trial and error and searching hex for the data you need.

    In addition to this, the game makers almost always encode their data anyway, so even as you're looking in the file, you won't even know what it is you're looking at. On the other hand, the game could have been made cheaply, and save-hacks might be very easy to do. But don't think you'll open the file and see "Money:4500" and you can just change the number. It's not that easy.

    I doubt you'll find much help here for any kind of hacking, even this kind.
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