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Sep 27, 2007
  1. A couple questions. I already have a PC connected with roadrunner. I am in the process of buying another pc. I would like a router. I was wondering if a routered connection is slower than just a regular direct connection. Also, what is the range on these things? I would like to put one of the PCs upstairs in my bedroom, and leave the other downstairs. Is this possible? thanks.
  2. Tedster

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    of course it is, but not noticable. Anytime you split a signal you will get loss. If you are referring to wifi routers, the range varies with building materials and items inside your house, but in general the max limit is around 300ft line of sight plus or minus some.
  3. wibtr

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    Someone just told me that I need a network card. I dont think my PC comes with one.

    No Modem Option [Included in Price]
    56K PCI Data Fax Modem add $0
    Internal PCI 802.11g Wireless Network Card [add $30 or $1/month1]
    Data/Fax Modem plus 802.11b/g wireless PCI card [add $30 or $1/month1]

    options listed. I chose the PCI Fax Modem:dead: I assume I need the internal network card?
  4. Nodsu

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    Virtually all new computers come with builtin network adapters. Could you post the full specs of whatever you are going to buy?
  5. wibtr

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    Inspiron 531,Athlon 64 X2 5600+ (2.80GHz, 1Mx2)
    311-7203 1 1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz
    310-8025 1 Dell USB Keyboard
    310-7966 1 Dell Optical USB Mouse
    320-3000 1 Video ready option w/o monitor
    320-5983 1 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics GPU
    341-4737 1 320GB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive (7200RPM)
    341-5008 1 No Floppy Drive Requested
    420-6540 1 Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, English
    420-5769 1 Internet Search and Portal
    420-5924 1 Icon Consolidation Application
    463-2282 1 Dell Owners Manual installed on your system,click on icon after system set-up to access
    420-6436 1 Vista, PC-Restore, Dim/Insp
    420-6995 1 DELL SUPPORT 3.4,DIM/INSP
    313-5584 1 Dell Resource DVD with Application Backup
    420-7244 1 Dell Support Center 1.0
    310-1966 1 Mouse included with Keyboard purchase
    430-0412 1 Integrated NIC card
    313-4593 1 56K PCI Data Fax Modem
    313-5176 1 16X DVD+/-RW Drive
    420-6464 1 Roxio Creator Basic
    313-2758 1 Integrated Audio
    313-2198 1 No Speaker Requested
    412-0940 1 Security 30-day trial
    412-0934 1 Earthlink
    412-0933 1 AOL for Broadband
    412-0912 1 MS WORKS 8.5
    950-3337 1 1 Year Limited Warranty
    987-3177 1 Dell Hardware Warranty PlusOnsite Service, Initial Year
    982-4350 1 Type 3- Third Party At Home Service, 24x7 Technical Support, Initial Year
    987-6238 1 No Warranty, Year 2 and 3
    960-3249 1 Banctec Service Agreement
    983-3680 1 Warranty Support,Initial Year
    466-7719 1 Thank you for choosing Dell
    464-9572 1 No Preinstalled Software
    310-8626 1 You have chosen a Windows Vista Premium System
    420-7091 1 DataSafe Online Dim/Ins/XPS
    420-7092 1 DataSafe Online Dim/Ins/XPS 1YR-FREE
    987-4817 1 Insp Datasafe 3GB,1YR(Incl in price),DHS
    988-0099 1 To activate your online backupaccount, go to Start, Programs, DataSafe Online
  6. jobeard

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    Insignificant; less than one ms, so it's usually ignored. More significant is the
    bandwidth consumption of the systems attached.
  7. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    People are telling me I need a network card for the router. And that it comes with the motherboard. Here is what the manual says it has:

    Integrated network interface

    Is that all I need?
  8. jobeard

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    EVERY network device needs a NIC (Network Interface Card).

    The router will come with several (one for each LAN + 1 for the WAN)

    Any system you connect to the route also needs a NIC installed
  9. Nodsu

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    Your new computer has a "430-0412 1 Integrated NIC card", which is a network interface attached to the motherboard.

    As for the old computer.. We have no idea :)
  10. magicmanlv1

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    When trying to find determine if you have a NIC (Network Interface Card) Look for the term and/or keywords "Network Adapter". It is common to see 1 or both words in most descriptions. You can also go to your control panel and click on Network Connections. This will bring up a list of installed network capable devices. In most cases the devices are already installed by default. So this is a quick mothod of checking. There are a few rare instances were this would not work but they are rare. And this is just a quick check method to just see if the device exsists. From there you can get more detailed info as needed.

    Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions,
  11. magicmanlv1

    magicmanlv1 TS Rookie

    And I almost forgot about the router questions. In my experience with routers I have noticed one constant with all brands. You get what you pay for. If your budget does not allow for big spending that is ok. You can get decent routers for cheep. But, they seem to develope issues quicker and end up needing to be replaced sooner. It does not happen to everyone but it does happen to alot. So get a good idea of what you want to end result to be so you can ask the right questions shopping and know when its more than you need. That way you dont pay for a bunch of things that sound cool, but are not needed for you setup.

    If you want some detailed help, email me I have done alot of router work in alot of user environments with great success. Goo Luck either way. :)
  12. wibtr

    wibtr TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    Thanks. I ordered a Dell(should be here in a week), and I want to hook it up to my other pc with a wireless router I just ordered. This router here

    Will the PC I bought new for Dell include everything I need to hook it up to the router, or do I need a network wireless card or whatever?
  13. magicmanlv1

    magicmanlv1 TS Rookie

    Yes. If you are buying a new pc from dell it will have a NIC. Unless of course you asked them not to. As far as Wireless goes, if you did not buy a pc with WiFi ability you can buy the part needed. And the prices are average and the part is installed with no problem. If the nbew PC is the one you want to be wireless then when it arrives, locate your service tag. Go to Dells Support page and you can get a spec sheet. Or you can email me your service tag and I will tell you what you want to know. I am a Dell Certified Systems Engineer and can get all that info for ya. And the router is a popular one. I had one for about 2 years then I upgraded to a high performance gamer router. But it worked fine for me. A few months before I upgraded it started have WiFi signal issues that made the signal have random connection issues and I could not get signal in the far side of my house. The model you are getting is a newer version then I had so you probebly wont have the same issues I did.
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