Educational Version of Guitar Video Game to be Previewed at CES

By Julio Franco
Jan 7, 2008
  1. Music Wizard Group (MWG), a leading provider of music video game software, is set to unveil for the first time its revolutionary Guitar Wizard video game. Known for its successful Piano Wizard flagship video game, MGW's Guitar Wizard platform has already seen success for the product’s teaching method with a strong holiday for Mattel’s “I Can Play Guitar” product, a product that uses the Guitar Wizard platform.

    Guitar Wizard, unlike the popular video game Guitar Hero, is an education-focused video game that teaches kids of all ages to read and play music. Guitar Wizard will be available for both PC and Mac and will come with a real Washburn guitar and a MIDI pickup. The game’s unique, patented, 4-step learning method allows anyone to learn to play a real guitar and read music in minutes! The software is also compatible with any MIDI guitar.
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