Eenie Meenie Minie Mo.... Motherboard

By GRunyon
Mar 19, 2006
  1. On my new budget gaming system 700 dollar build I am doing everything I wish I did my first build... including not going for that 150 dollar motherboard if that 70 dollar one will do my application well just the same, and instead put that towards a great 300 dollar graphics card instead of the 140 dollar one... among other things. Now, I am into overclocking... and DLi support isnt 100% necessary but it would be nice...

    I was thinking about that one... but I am not sure.... I would love to be able to stick to the ASUS or ABIT... theyve always served me well...

    So, anyone know any decent motherboards for socket 939 i can use in my build? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. GRunyon

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  3. vnf4ultra

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    I think both are ok boards, obviously, the more expensive one is "better." :)
    If you don't have a problem with the asus's price, then I think it would be a nice fit. If you want SLi, there are a few cheap sli boards, around $100usd or a little less, like this one.
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