Effectively tweak and boost PC performance

By kristinasmith
Aug 11, 2008
  1. What can Advanced PC Tweaker do for you?
    Best Computer Utility You Ever Have
    Advanced PC Tweaker offers a results-oriented solution for Windows users who can tweak the PC system to the optimal performance through the powerful components, allowing you repair problems, clean up drive space, manage backups, optimize system and other advanced toolkits like eliminating privacy tracks, administering startup applications, uninstalling unwanted applications and permanently erasing files.

    What's more, the Submit Problems feature gives you the ability to submit the problems that Advanced PC Tweaker can't solve or the unwanted applications that can not be completely uninstalled from your PC system.

    Repair Problems with Registry Cleaner, Errors Utility, IE Repair, Block/Register ActiveX
    Powered by the solid and industry-leading search engine, Advanced PC Tweaker can thoroughly scan and effectively fix the Registry problems on your PC system, ensuring a better and more reliable performance through reparing a variety of 17 categories; Errors Utility includes a set of solutions to the commonly known problems and other problems found on your PC system, such as unable to update Windows online and pop-up error messages, protecting your Windows system from crashing, freezing and blue screen problem; IE Repair includes BHO (Internet Browser Helper Objects) Manager and IE Restore to ensure a better and healthier internet experience by blocking malicious plugins and restore Internet Explorer to the original states respectively. Block ActiveX and Register ActiveX can be used to manage and fix the ActiveX controls (objects)in order to terminate misbehaving controls (objects) and solve the curious problems on your system.

    Advanced Toolkits: Privacy Cleaner, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, File Shredder
    Advanced PC Tweaker provides more flexibility for you to maximumize PC productivity and brings you more joyful moments by facilitating a great set of advanced toolkits, such as Privacy Cleaner to completely remove all traces of your Internet activity and protect sensitive information while improving your computer's performance, Startup Manager to administer which applications are launched at the system startup, Uninstall Manager to manage and completely remove the programs and leftover files installed on your system without going through the Control Panel and File Shredder to permanently remove the specific files from your drives.

    Service is also a Great Feature
    Though Advanced PC Tweaker are facilitated with a lot of functions you have ever seen, it is not the ultimate tool to tackle all the problems since the PC system is so comprehensive that a single problem could be caused by a lot of factors. Advanced PC Tweaker will be the better solution for system maintenance and diagnosis than any other software vendors in the industry by providing both the powerful toolkits and on-demand services. That is, when you are using Advanced PC Tweaker, you are not only having the handy toolkits but also the great services by our professionals.
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