Elden Ring details revealed: 60fps cap on PC, ray tracing support to arrive via patch


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What just happened? If you've seen the latest Elden Ring gameplay video (if not, watch it below), you'll know why so many people are excited about the upcoming soulslike. Now, Bandai Namco Entertainment has shared more details about the game, including the ray tracing and 4K support, HDR compatibility, and its 60fps limit on PC.

While Elden Ring will be one of many games to offer ray tracing effects, they will arrive via a patch. Whether that will be post-launch or land on release day is unclear. Additionally, the game will have support for up to 4K resolutions along with HDR. No mention of DLSS or AMD FSR, though, which is a shame, and we can expect the PC system requirements to be revealed at a later date.

While that all sounds very appealing, one element not so welcomed by PC gamers is Elden Ring's 60fps cap. The good news is that like Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, we can expect mods that bypass this limit to get here soon after the game launches.

In addition to Bandai Namco's post, developer FromSoftware has revealed five of the player classes that will be available in the Elden Ring network test: warrior, enchanted knight, prophet, champion, and bloody wolf, each featuring two body types. If this Network Test, which isn't available on PC, is anything like the previous FromSoftware tests, none of the classes might make it to the final game.

Elden Ring had been scheduled to launch on January 21, 2022, but FromSoftware said last month that it needed to push the date back to February 25, 2022.

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I think during normal times there would be many more people upset about it but right now I don't think many people can push brand new games at high refresh rates using 2016-17 gpus which I think it's statistically still what most people still have.


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The game's engine doesn't work like Creation Engine with the Fallout 3/4 games, does it? Once the frame rates go past 60 the physics break....that is, with a mod to fix the issue?


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Hoping for DLSS, or FSR at least.

Since the game is locked at 60 fps anyway, I might as well output this to my 65 inch OLED TV at 4K/UHD and DLSS/FSR might do wonders, however my 3080 Ti can probably do 60 fps anyway using max settings.

Hoping to see removal of the 60 fps cap ASAP. I need my 100+ fps