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Elitum.Elitebar.Pokapoka & Worldsecurityonline.FakeAlert

By sbw
Jan 29, 2008
  1. GarbageClean - false positive?

    Hi, I ran GarbageClean's online scanner, ( I know, I know, it's a real piece of poc, but I only realized that when it started showing multiple infections & I googled them). Anyway, it found among others, "iun6002.exe" & "x.exe". I googled those filenames & I've started to worry. But when I ran Spybot (with all the updates, including betas) it only found some usage track logs & some cookies.

    But when I opened the properties of these files under the Spybot tab - Heuristic "iun6002.exe" is classified as "Elitum.Elitebar.Pokapoka" & "x.exe" is classified as "Worldsecurityonline.FakeAlert"

    What should I do?
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