Elon Musk said he would sell Tesla stock 'right now' if UN could show how $6B could solve...


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Clearly 6 billion won't get very far. There's ways to make that argument without coming off like a petulant brat, but once again Musk failed to find them.


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Socialism never failed, because it was never implemented anywhere
Not really true - While USSR , China were not socialist countries per se - Socialism has shown to work at that family level and small village, tribal level.
It starts to break down over say 150 people .
Anyway not sure many would want to live in a pure capitalistic society - the poor selling themselves , or single cigarettes on every rubbish laden corner .
Not even sure given all the Trump supporter memes about living in post apocalyptic dystopian world as Alphas - that they would really want to - no Friday Night Football , no Hooters or KFC . If they failed at getting ahead in this world - why would they do any better in that one. Least they have hospitals to fix stupidity .

People throw terms like democracy, communism etc around them start drawing conclusions - without defining what they mean when THEY say it .
When is the last time The USA has had a binding referendum at the Federal level?- like just about never


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His post was a flex. Not a show of compassion or empathy. As vane and hollow as any other gratuitously wealthy person. Which is to say, VERY.


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The fact that even the pandemic didn't reduce the world's population growth should worry people more than how to feed those who shouldn't exist in the first place. Uncontrolled birth will kill us way faster than anything else.


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Conclusion after reading the comments: Don't help people.

Those same people blame everyone but themselves. Sad.


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So he gave <0.005% of what he made last week to charities. Well, I think a lot of us gave like at least 100x times that much to charities. And his pledge: at best it's literally worth nothing, right now anyway. At worst it means he plans to take >$100 billions (or possibly even more) with himself into the grave, or leave it to his kin (which is just as worse).

oh wow, maths is is not strong in this one..

Also, I'm not sure there's such a thing as taking money to the grave. Do you believe he's going to be burried in a pyramid with all his belongings around him?
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The UN, a prime example being the UN’s National Security Council - is the epitome of wasted funds, excess politics, and very little real progress on anything of meaning.

Much like the League of Nations, it needs to be gone.


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Want to solve world hunger, bull **** somebody else...

If you really wanted to you could buy up $2Billion farm land and start teaching people to farm and there would be no hunger.. you dont need brains to work that out

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Actually what Musk did was very clever. He knows that no UN agency will ever commit to transparency on how they plan to use/spend the funds. Most of the money would go to their inflated salaries, lush benefits, facilities, bribes etc. Very little of the $6 billion would actually be used for food for anyone much the same as many "charities" are nothing more than elaborate skimming operations for those at the top of the organization. It was amusing how the UN director "revised" his statement to expand the scope of what the money would be used for after the initial statement. These frauds need to be exposed because any/most of the money dumped into these organizations is wasted on "administrative overhead"