Elon Musk says SpaceX facing 'risk of bankruptcy' in leaked email


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It's Musk's job as CEO to run the company properly. Apparently, he hasn't paid too much attention to his Starship engine production. That's on him. This whining must be solely to get workers to give him free overtime.

I'm sure you know how to run a cutting edge-, pushing the envelope-, commercial space/rocket company "properly" without any kind of risk or unknowns, comrade.

Uncle Al

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SpaceX Is a privately owned company. Not listed on the stock exchange. As commented several times already. There is no stock price to push down or artificially depress.
LOL .... you obviously aren't keeping up with the news. While SpaceX is not currently offered on the big board, Tesla is and since Musk makes no secret that he switches money back and forth to support his portfolio of his companies, this can easily be seen as a promotion to get more money poured into Tesla.

By the way, SpaceX has been submitted for an IPO that could hit the market early next year ... you think he won't manipulate the company in order to get the highest IPO offer price?

As a Tesla stock owner I keep careful tabs on his antics and would not be at all surprised if the SEC doesn't investigate his latest antics and could very well kill his IPO before it gets born .....