Elon Musk says Walter Isaacson is writing his biography

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Why it matters: American author Walter Isaacson has been commissioned to write Elon Musk’s biography. The Tesla and SpaceX boss shared the revelation in a recent post on Twitter, but was characteristically mum on details about when it might be ready for publication.

Isaacson is perhaps best known in tech circles for penning the authorized self-titled biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The 656-page book came at the tail-end of Jobs’ life; in fact, it was published nearly a month ahead of schedule due to Jobs' death on October 5, 2011.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance earlier this year, Isaacson said that Musk “in some ways [is] the Steve Jobs of our time.” Isaacson added that both figures exemplify immense ambition, relentless drive and a willingness to take risks.

“He's crazy enough to think he can change the world and thus he might be one of the ones who do change the world," Isaacson noted.

Still, it’s a bit early to compare Musk to Jobs, at least in terms of legacy. Musk turned 50 back in June, seemingly appears to be in good health and has shown no signs of slowing down or losing interest in his various ventures. Should he make good on his Mars colonization plans, that’d certainly be a proud notch on Musk’s belt.

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