eMachie audio problem

Jul 7, 2007
  1. hi everyone, im havin an audio problem with an eMachine model C2480, the thing is that i formatted the pc due to lack of hd space, mass spyware, and low performance, and i used the recovery disc of a T3256 eMachine model cuz i wanted to download the less upgrades possible and assumin that being an emachine recovery disc everithin was gonna be fine, and everithin appeared to be fine at the start until i played some songs... the sound quality was bad, i had to max the volume in order to hear the song desent, i then installed some games (WarCraftIII) and the music has some kind of static, i asked a friend what could be the problem becuz im not too much into pc things, and he said that there could be a driver issue or something like that, so here im lookin for some help, i would really appreciate any ideas from the experts around here, thanx in advice ;D.
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