Emachine gone haywire

By Peridot
Jul 3, 2007
  1. We've had an Emachine for over 3 years now. We've enjoyed it immensely it seems to be faster than My Hp's ever have. About 2 weeks ago everything went haywire.

    First- It stopped recognizing the F Drives.

    Second- All of the cd/dvd drives all together

    Third- Now it shows no network adapters at all

    Now all of the usb ports are not recognized.

    We tried to do a reinstall but before we did we put a temporary cd drive in the computer so it would recognize the restore cds. After we restored the computers we noticed it wasn't showing any network adapters in the device manager. We then tried to have the computer search for new hardware. Yes, it showed the network adapters that had been been on the computer previously BUT it showed a red x or yellow triangle anyway I know this means something is wrong. So I deleted it and shut down the computer and tried to get the computer to recognize the network adapters . This time they weren't there at all. Its been that way every since.

    I know that going to manufacturers website I could download them which I tried BUT with the usb ports not working, and the cd drives not being recognized my only option is A or floppy disc the drivers needed are too large for the floppy disc drives.

    I have tried everything but since I am not computer savvy I am lost on what could have caused this all of a sudden .

    I am enclosing the computer specks with this in hopes that someone could possibly help me with a solution.

    Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home

    CPU: AMD Athlon™ XP Processor 3000+ (2.167GHz) with QuantiSpeed™ architecture
    Monitor Bundle: eMachines® 17" eView™ 17f Monitor
    (16" Viewable, 0.27mm dot pitch)
    Chipset: VIA KM 400A2 chipset
    Memory: 512MB DDR (PC2700)
    Hard Drive: 80GB HDD
    Optical Drive: 48x Max. CD-RW Drive; 16x Max. DVD-ROM Drive; 3.5" 1.44MB FDD
    Video: VIA S3 UniChrome™ 3D Graphics (1 AGP slot available for upgrade)
    Sound: 6-Channel Audio
    Network: 10/100Mbps built-in Ethernet
    Modem: 56K ITU v.92-ready Fax/Modem
    Peripherals: Standard Multi-Media Keyboard, 2-Button Wheel Mouse, Amplified Stereo Speakers
    Ports/Other: 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 on front), 1 Serial, 1 Parallel, 2 PS/2, Audio In & Out, 3 PCI slots (2 available)
    Dimensions: 7.25"W x 14.125"H x 16"D

    Any Suggestions?Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home

    Now, My questions are How do I tell if the psu is bad? Or if the motherboard is truly fried?
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