emachine H2602 died -any ideas

By spikestiger
Dec 26, 2005
  1. Please let me know what the problem is and how it might be fixed

    A few weeks ago the computer just restarted - no prompting on my part, But everyting seemed okay.

    Then I went to turn it off and something flashed on the screen, it went to the restart/log in menu and I clicked on "shut down" but the tab didn't seem to work and a message came up saying that it was in the midst of running some process that I didn't catch - then the mouse wouldn't move and the screeen darkened like it would if it was off but the sound of the fan stopped and the light on the power button went from green to yellow. since then nothing! Power button lights up yellow. No sound though.

    I turned the power bar off. NOw nothing. Just the yellow light. Any ideas? It is not under warranty and I had to pry a disk out of the darn thing. How does one open the darn thing??? The whole hard drive ? It seems to have rivets on the back. I was hoping to salvage the vid/other cards to another computer I have with only 128MB whereas the Emachine has/had 256MB can I do this? Or would this stuff be fried?

    thanks so much
  2. Sickem

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    sry to hear about ur machine i have been there and it does suck
    to get to the point-
    u might have a chance at recovering some hardware from inside but the hardrive as i think you described it could be fried -well thats all i can think of now hope i helped dont worry like 3 -70 million ppl will respond to this post with more help thats why i love this place ok have a good day bi bi
    :knock: :knock: :knock:
  3. Sickem

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    ooo um sry didnt understand that last part ummm check the hardware requirements and then add it up if it works cool if not sry dude
    **SICKEM** :knock: :knock: :knock:
  4. spikestiger

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    I have another old computer with 128MB that still works but its pretty useless to play any recent games on. If i could figure out how to open the dead emachine-which doesn't seem to have screws to remove the casing - i hoped to pull out the memory and vid cards from the motherboard and put into another machine. thx though - everyone says the emachine motherboard is fried too.

    so does anyone know how to open the casing so i can test this theory? Tower opening for dummies please.

    Lesson - don't buy cheap emachines
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