Emachine issues

By ray barbonni
Jan 22, 2007
  1. Hi guys I have an emachine that is brand new with all sorts of problems. I bought it from best buy- model T5052. The audio port in the back doesn't work. I returned it and the new one had the same problem. The Geek Squad at best buy couldn't figure it out. I called emachines tech support and they said there is a know problem with the audio cable and this is why it doesnt work. Now I have to send it to them to fix it. I elected to not send it in and just use the headphone jack in the front.
    When I shut the system down it starts up immediately on its own. Very strange. So I had to adjust the power saver settings so that it shuts down after a period of inactivity.
    Multimedia played from the hard disk works fine, however anything played from the cd/dvd player does not play well. It is distorted, delayed, and it skips. I went through all of windows troubleshooting for this problem and nothing helped.
    This hasnt happened for several weeks, but when the comp is first started the screen flickers on and off.
    I have to say I will never buy an emachine again. Tech support doesnt know whats causing these problems and just says to send it in. My last emachine lasted aprox 3 years which i hear is outstanding for an emachine. one day the hard disk stopped spinning, and then shortly after the power supply went i think. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix these issues I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I think there is a range of problems with your machine and I do not think you can fix them all on your own. The DVD-ROM seems to be screwed, and the other issues are probably software ones. I would suggest you send it in to Tech Support and let them fix the problem. e-Machines are known to be of very poor quality and if I were to choose between an e-Machine and a Dell, I would choose the Dell any time of the day. Try to keep that in mind next time you go shopping for a PC. Good luck, and tell me how it went.
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