Emachine, model 2482

By tillery2
Mar 3, 2008
  1. e Machine Malfunction---
    Background: Power failure to residence. Two computers in office were on. The emachine was not on. All three are connected to surge protectors. The two that were on when power reapplied went through scandisk and are working properly. The emachine that was not on “crashed”.

    Symptoms: emachine model: 2482, when powered on using the push button on the front, turns on but will not boot. No boot, no POST. The fans come on and the hard drive light comes on for about 30 seconds and then goes out, but, the hard drive is not spinning. If you unplug the emachine from the AC input on the power supply, the computer goes off. However, when you plug the AC power cord into the power supply it comes on exhibiting the same symptoms. If you hold the push button in for four seconds, the computer goes off. Also, the keyboard num lock and caps lock stay on any time power is applied to the unit.

    Troubleshooting: have replaced the power supply; plugged unit into another wall outlet; tried booting from a floppy. Tried another keyboard. The motherboard, micro ATX, slot A, has been discontinued. Any suggestions?

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