Emachine problem!!

By amurph636
Dec 24, 2006
  1. I am new to these boards, so if someone could help me that would be great.

    I have an Emachine T2682 that won't start up. Whenever you press the power button, the fan on the motherboard makes a partial spin then stops and the light on the front of the computer stays yellow. When I turn it off the fan makes another partial spin and the light in the front goes off. At first I thought it was the power supply, so I replaced that, but to no avail. It does the same thing.

    Does this mean the motherboard is dead? If you need more information I would be glad to provide it.
  2. raybay

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    Sorry to report this, but the T-2682 has an extremely high failure rate caused by a short in the motherboard... it is one of 14 of the most failure prone computers in history, as far as I can tell. We have over 200 machines in our barn of these models in preparation for a class action suite. eMachines knew there was a problem and did nothing for all the many owners who bought it from them.
    Usually the power supply, hard drive, memory and modem are good, and the motherboard is dead.
    The only fix, if you want to be able to used the recovery disc/ restore disc set it to buy a new motherboard from eMachines at $159.95 plus shipping. And nobody knows yet if the replacement board will fail or not.
    If you have other access to Windows, you can buy a decent combo motherboard-CPU bundle from www.tigerdirect.com, www.newegg.com, www.outpost.com, www.zipzoomfly.com and others for around $50... or one a bit better for $100 and replace the bad one... just be sure you have one that will use your existing memory.
    If you want to be part of the possible class action suite, send your email address to srvcs@netzero.com and we will contact you.
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  4. raybay

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    There is more misinformation by people who have not seriously worked on a number of eMachines, than any other errors on this site.
    Power supplies were sometimes the problem, on models made in 2001 and 2002, but they are not the cause of most problems with eMachines. The belief that the power supply destroys the motherboard is incorrect.
    It is the motherboard on at least 14 eMachines models which shorts out and then sometimes destroys the power supply, but always destroys the motherboard.
    We have worked on 243 of them, and have just over 200 of the darn things cluttering up our warehouse awaiting a class action suit... we have the evidence at hand.
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