Emachine t2542

Jan 28, 2006
  1. Have 4 emachines T2542 's - 2 died within one week of each other. Out of warranty of course. Traced down problem to dead MOBO. Original MOBO no longer available. Never replaced or installed a MOBO before but got past that.
    Pc now keeps getting to Bios post and then unable to load OS. Have been able to load MSDOS from A: drive and get command line prompt but unable to access - locate C:/
    Drive was placed into another machine and works fine.
    I do have the original recovery disks, but from what I've read, they won't work with a different MOBO. I assume I need to reload OS? Win XPP. I don't have originals. What is best way to proceed.
    If I can get this machine working I can get the 2nd dead one up and running, then I'll be ready and waiting for 3 and 4 to die and I'll have some targets for the shooting range.

    Thanks in advance!
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