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Emachine T2642

By Jack Tucker
Jan 12, 2007
  1. Hello; I am Jack Tucker and need your help. My computer had a power warning show up on screen. It shut down. I got it to reboot and finally it refused to come back on. I took it to Staples and was told the power supply was bad. I bought a new one (300 watt to replace old 250 watt), put it in and still nothing. I can not get a voltage reading on the leads coming out. The power button is ok as it shows zero resistance when I push it. You can email me at jackfran@peoplepc.com
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Th T-2642 is one of 14 models of eMachines with a bad motherboard. You can buy a new motherboard from eMachines so your recovery discs and hard drive will still work, but it, too, will fail within two years.
    In addition to the 14 with motherboard problems there are 9 others with power supply problems so some vendors think a power supply will fix it. Staples, Best Buy, Circuit City, Sams Club, Wal-Mart, and Costco know about these problems at the corporate level, but often not at the store level.
    Still I would demand a correction from the Staples... and send a certified letter to eMachines.
    eMachines is now offering a two-year warranty instead of a one-year warranty to take care of future issues, but I think there is no hope for them. They just make a junk computer, even under the gaze of their new owner, Gateway. They have made nothing but junk since 2001, in my opinion. Until people and owners raise hell, it will continue.
    There are boat loads of eMachines at Wal-Mart and Best Buy today that will have a 50 percent failure rate within two to three years. No other company, except maybe Packard Bell has that sort of failure.
    Gateway has the technical support and quality support savvy to fix the problem. Let's hope they do.
    As for you, there is no good news. You can replace the motherboard with a different brand, but the hard drive will not work with a new motherboard until you buy an OEM version of Windows XPH.
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