Emachines PC wont power up.

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Dec 21, 2007
  1. I've had an emachine 270 for about 5 years without problem, but a couple of days ago it would not power down completely. Kept pulsating inside with the sound of fan/drive still running, so had to turn off at mains, now it wont power up again. If the power cable is taken out and plugged in, the case fan only spins for a second and stops, no lights, no drive turning, no sounds, no nothing. Pls, can anyone help. I just want to know if it is the mobo or psu that is gone, so I know what parts I would be getting.
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    It's most likely both, since when the power supply in an eMachines goes, it takes the motherboard with it. I've noticed this on my old one and my friend across the street. But my guess is that your motherboard and power supply are burn out and you will need to purchase a new one. If you need help picking out new motherboard and power supply, posts specs about your computer.
  3. Rik

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  4. mcvaliant

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    Thanx xXxZxXx and Rik. I agree with xXxZxXx, it must be both the mobo and PSU. I tried one old computer on the emachine and it powered up but the pc did not boot up and no drive activitiy, so I guessed the mobo is gone as well.
    I would need help picking both a new mobo and PCU pls.

    My PC spec is as below:
    Model: Emachine 270
    Processor: 1.70ghz Intel Celeron
    Motherboard: IM845GL
    Memory: Two 184-pin 2.5 V DIMM sockets, each supports 1GB of 200/266 MHz Non-ECC DDR-RAM
    HDD: 50 GB
    PSU Output: Max 250W
    Graphics: 3D AGP Intel Extreme Graphics AGP
    Optical Drives: CDRW/DVD

    I hope the above constitute adequate info, I guess I might have to pick up parts from ebay, so pls I would need some advice about what to get.
  5. Rik

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    mcvaliant, we need to know where in the world you are for prices and what your budget is.
  6. mcvaliant

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    Sorry, should have mentioned that. I'm located in the Kent, UK. Budget is minimal, as this is an old pc and I am thinking of getting a new one anyway, and giving this old one to my duaghter. Pls let me have barest minimal costs just to get the pc running and then pass to my 7-year old to suft the net.
    Also, what are the safest brands of pcs to buy these days, I am thinking of dell. Ta! Rik.
  7. Rik

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    The simple answer for a new pc is to build one. You can save a lot of money plus if you post here on TS about it you will recieve plenty of help with picking parts to putting it all together.

    Your cheapest way to fix the crappy emachine is to find an exact replacement on ebay. You MUST get the exact same mobo if you don't want to have to buy an xp cd as the emachine install will not work with any other mobo.
    For the psu, any atleast reasonable one of 250watts or more will be fine.
  8. mcvaliant

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    Thanx for your help Rik. I have already found some suitable PSU on ebay, still looking for the mobo. Ta again and have a lovely w/end and xmas.
  9. Rik

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    No problem, post back if you should need any more help.:)
  10. mcvaliant

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    Emachine harddrive not accessible.

    Hi all, compliments of the period.

    Following from my earlier posts about my burnt emachine mobo and PSU, I took out the harddrive to use in one of my older PC but I could not access my password-protected profile. Other profiles on the HDD that were not password protected are accessible.

    Pls can someone help? The emachine mobo is fried and while I am still trying to look for an exact match so as not to lose all my valuable files, I would like to use some files on the HDD. Is there a way I can get around this problem? I assume it is the password protection that is the cause as I can get to other files in other profiles that have not been protected.
  11. mcvaliant

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    Does anyone out there know where I can get an IM845GL motherboard for my Emachines 270 pls? I have trawled the whole internet without much success.
  12. Tmagic650

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    Check on EBay... I don't think many will have this old motherboard. Have you checked on the eMachines support site?
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