EMachines T2882 Graphics Upgrade Question [Dire Need of Help]

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Jul 2, 2006
  1. 'Ello, got a big problem as I am rather horribly unknowledgable about technical aspects of computers and apparently EMachines website isn't going to help me out much. I'm looking to upgrade my integrated video card that came stock with my T2882 machine, but the problem is.. I don't know what kind of card types are allowed, not to mention what kind of card to get that would fit my budget and run on the machine. [Budget being in the $50-100 dollars US range]

    I'm basically pulling out my hair trying to figure out what purchase would be the right one the first time, but can't until I know what will work and what won't. Anyone know what I can upgrade to? Suggestion and/or help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. eazy_duz_em

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    get a program like Everest and look at your motherboard make/model then search their website for compatible hardware.
  3. vegasgmc

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    You have onboard Intel Extreme video. The only thing it does extremely is suck. Your motherboard doesnt have an AGP slot so the best card you can get is an FX5500 PCI card. Something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814143059. There is an FX5700 PCI card but the 128bit version isnt being made anymore. AVOID all 64bit cards!
  4. vnf4ultra

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  5. dmill89

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    Also replace the powersupply. I have seen a few e-machines motherboards fried after a video card upgrade because a new card can overload the cheep psu causeing it to fry the motherboard. The cards that others have listed are fine. for a powersupply I would look for a 350-400 watt Antec,Enermax,or PC Power&Cooling powersupply.

    350W $45
    400W $55

    350W $57

    PC Power&Cooling (I recomend these above all others)
    350W $50
    400W $65
  6. Jack Riordan

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    You might double check to see if your motherboard has an AGP slot. I have an eMachines T2825 and have been successfully running an AGP card for several years.

    The only advice I would also offer is that I agree with dmill89 and would say you should DEFINITELY change the power supply no matter what upgrades you do to the machine. In fact, I would change it even if you don't plan any upgrades. The power supplies on eMachines are notoriously bad and underpowered, and could potentially take down your motherboard (or more) with it when it goes out (believe me, speaking from experience)
  7. cfitzarl

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    I would think that a GeForce 6200 PCI card would be good. The only problem being the fact that a lot of 6200's only have 64-Bit memory, which is not good. I would suggest a whole new motherboard.
  8. vnf4ultra

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    You'd be correct to say all pci 6200's are 64bit. All pci 6200's are based on the nv44 core, which only supports 64bit memory, and only has 4 pixel pipelines. Early 6200's were based off the nv43 core, which supported 128bit memory, and had 8 pixel pipes, with four pipelines "disabled." These pipes could be re-enabled via software, essentially making the 6200 a 6600.

    Now the fact that it has a 64bit memory inteface may seem like a huge disadvantage, but the 6200 has a core that's clocked ~100mhz higher than the fx series cards, and is a much better graphics core. It still comes out on top, even though it's 64bit.
  9. rmdl51

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    Hello! I don't know exactly what MOBO you have, but i know by past experience that a PCI video card won't be as much boost as an AGP, besides I use to have an eMachines T2080 with AGP slot and upgraded the onboard S3 Pro savage (just as bad as intel extreme graphics) to ATI 9600XT and everything runs great for me at that time, didn't change PSU or RAM or anything, not because I don't want to it was because I didn't knew how important is a good PSU, my suggestion for you is that if you don't have an AGP slot (just open the case and should be a different color slot from the white ones) you shouldn't waste your money on a PCI video card, better to upgrade to a new MOBO, I know budget is an issue but PC gaming is such an expensive hobbie, BTW as far as I know the T2882 come with 256MB PC2700 RAM if that's the case that will be also slowing down your PC, you need at least 512 MB but surely reccomend 1 GB, Good Luck!
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