EMail File Attachment(MIME) transfer speed too slow on WideBand

By BHexed
Jul 8, 2005
  1. Using WideBand achieving about 1.5 Mbps with a speed test. When sending email with file attachment of 3.2MB, the time to send or receive the email w/file attachment takes minutes not seconds. A friend with the same BroadBand service using the same email message w/same attachment can do it in 73 seconds. Is there something I'm missing in settings on my system? Or is this an issue with the mail server(s) and MIME?

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    Well it all depends on what you upload speed is, not your download speed. You likely have 256kpbs or maybe a little higher. That really limits your capability of sending a large attachment quickly.

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    Much Overhead

    Thanks for your input. I would have thought that even at that speed, a 3MB file attachment would take around 1 1/2 minutes not 3 1/2. Figuring at that speed about 32KBytes per sec. There must be mucho overhead to a MIME file on transfer both ways.
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