EMAIL virus' via HTML

By jobeard
Jun 18, 2007
  1. If you're relatively new to the Internet and Email in particular, you might prefer
    the HTML form of email, but be advised; HTML EMAIL can be dangerous as
    it has all the problems of your browser.

    The Computerworld article here discusses how hackers can place their programs
    into the Html headers of Email to invade the unwary.

    To secure your email reading, all you need to do is disallow the HTML form,
    strictly use only the TEXT form, and if your email reader has a Preview Pane,
    disable it.

    Start using (if not already doing so) a Spam filter to classify your know correspondents
    from the vast world of the Unknow Senders, which I configure to move to a
    folder named SPAM. Now I can review the junk to ensure it's not a false positive
    classification before I delete the contents.
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