Emulating Mouse Using Gamepad ??

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Ello Ello,

I was wondering, people might prefer mouse as standard pointing device . . . but is it possible to use your gamepad as a mouse ? Like the axis pad/joystick ?

I would imagine that it would be hard to emulate and configure it to be compatible with different programs. Does anyone know of an application that will enable this feature ?

I am aware of that there is some programs being developed . . . on the intel wireless gamepad and gravis stinger . . .

I am currently using a Gravis Gamepad Pro (gameport) gamepad dueling with windows xp professional as my operating system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated =)@



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I think the biggest issue would be finding software that would emulate the mouse. Also the gamepad would have to be very precise in order to be easy moving.


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My Nostromo n50 allows for it. I can set the D-Pad as the mouse's X and Y axes, although I never use it.


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I would imagine . . . I cannot use the Nostromo n50 software ?
Is it designed for your specific gamepad ?

That can be tough =/

I've got one

Hello, try using the JoyToKey, it worked for me with a PC-Action DragonPad, its pretty simple to use.

Mr Duck
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