Endless Loop of Installing the Same Security Update?

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May 7, 2006
  1. I recently had to use my W2K install CD to do a repair on my system to fix some BSOD I started getting after installing Zone Alarm, here's the thread on the background of that issue BSOD after ZoneAlarm Install.

    So now I'm all good -- except now I'm in an endless loop of getting prompted to install a secturity update:

    Then the install fails:

    and then I get a reboot prompt:

    After rebooting it then tries to install the same update and does this over and over. I don't have to reboot but the box is annoying. I'm sure there's some registry setting I need to clear to fix this so if any one has seen this before I know something for me to try I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. jreedar

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    Man that was a great idea and makes sense that it would sync everything back up but after downloading and installing sevice pack 4 I still get the same message that it wants to install: "component 2.5 for Sevice Pack 3" :(

    My system information and service pack level information currently looks like:
  4. Spike

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    OK. I would imagine then that the update process seems to think that you're not up to sp3, possibly because something it's looking for that's sp3 related isn't there.

    My recommendation now would have to be to try to uninstall all service packs and hotfixes, and reinstall them manually on the assumption that the repair has made a mess of something. Again though, I can't say that it will work, and it's just a suggestion. It may not even be possible to uninstall them.

    Someone better versed in win2k will probably come along sooner or later. I'm afraid I've not used it personally, and so I'm pretty much stating the obvious things to try here.
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    Thanks, Spike I really appreciate all your help and very fast responses. I'll wait a little while and see if anyone else has encoutered this and may end up trying what you said that makes sense. In 'Add/Remove Programs' there are a lot of 'Windows 2000 Hotfix....' listed and Service Pack 4. Thanks again for your help.
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    Ahh i remember getting this recurring thing once with winxp. It happens when they (microsoft) create an update which windows thinks is fake, so it fails. search around the windows 2k knowledge base for the cure.

    For me i had to install a recognition fix for windows. Then it was able to recognize that the update was real.

    its always the tiny pains that makes the worst headaches.

  7. jreedar

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    I tried to find a "recongnition fix" that you mentioned but had not luck so far, if you have a chance and are able to find that fix that would be great, thanks for you help.
  8. jreedar

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  9. Spike

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    That's great to hear :D

    ...and thankyou for sharing your solution with the board. I wish more people came back once fixed and said as much :)
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