english and japanese operating system. dual boot?

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japanese and english operating system. dual boot?



I am a new born forum participant. i hope a fondly thought of child.
I am living in japan and just purchased a dynabook tw/670ls. naturally it has a japanese operating system, and though i would like to maintain it(my wife is japanese) i struggle with all the kanji and would like to install a dual english operating system. importantly i need to install english software on the computer and don`t want conflicts. is partitioning the hd and dual booting it the business? would microsoft be kind hearted enough to supply me with an english version of xp as i have a japanese version ?(perhaps a foolish question but worth a stab). how do i go about this migrain task? yes i am a novice, but once even dearly held kathy freeman crawled.

if you can help me, a thousand cheers.
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Cheers for your reply nodsu,
this function will enable me to view menus and dialogues in various languages, but will it allow me to download english software and use it without any problems? this is my dilemma. it is a japanese operating system.

thanks again for your reply


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Yeah I'm in Japan too and the wife is Japanese so know where you're coming from.

You get used to the question boxes eventually ... though some mistakes are made along the way. I only recently found out about changing the menu language, I'm using winME. Not all things change but it is much easier. Fortunately most English software runs w/o trouble with the Jp wndows.

Good luck.
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cheers mate, thanks for the reassurance about downloading. i`ll just have to work on me kanji.
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