Entry Level Notebook Suggestions

By Deadcell
Nov 3, 2007
  1. Hey I'm a bit new to notebooks and I wonder if anyone can give me a few suggestions. I'm looking for an entry-level notebook under 700$ with around the following speficications:

    CPU: AMD Sempron/ Athlon 64 (From 3500 - 4200, no higher - It's probably too expensive)
    RAM: 1+ Gb, with room for possible expansion (4 Gigs Max)
    HD: 60-120 Gb
    Video: Integrated ATI Radeon X1100, or, if an actual card is present, nVidia GeForce M 8400+ (or) ATI Radeon Mobility X1550+
    Sound: Integrated (Not very important to me)
    Drives: DVD±RW x16+
    56k Fax/ Modem
    OS: Present, with formatted hard drive (Vista Basic or Home Premium would be nice)
    Power Supply: 250W+ (Most desktop vid cards need 250W+, but im not sure about notebooks)
    Display: 14"+ Screen

    Thanks to all who reply it would be a great help!
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    Instead of getting a real crap new notebook, consider buying a used decent one.

    A ThinkPad T43 could still have a year's worth of warranty and would beat the hell out of any el cheapo machine you get today.
  4. raysautomatic

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    If you're working with a smaller budget you'd be wise to stay away from any system running any version of Vista. What you may save on your new Laptop you'll spend 4X over replacing all of your old unsupported equipment and software.
    Most all of the big manufactures have jumped on to the vista band wagon and don't "WON'T" offer support patches or fixes for their older equipment. They all want you to buy their newer products.
    Also many of software companies want you to do the same.
    Buy a good used Dell, HP or IBM with XP SP2; you'll be better off.
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